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The Freedom of Information Act 2000 provides a right of access to a wide range of information held by public authorities, including the NHS.

As an Integrated Care Board (ICB) we have a duty to be transparent and open, in line with information legislation we maintain our website in accordance with the Information Commissioner Office publication scheme guidance.

Before you make a request

Check whether the information you seek is already available. NHS Nottingham and Nottinghamshire ICB proactively publishes information on this website and maintains a Disclosure Log.

If you request information from NHS Nottingham and Nottinghamshire ICB that is already published, we will refer you to the published source.

If you cannot find the information you want, you are entitled to make a request for information. Depending on the type of information you are requesting different processes and legislation applies.

Who can request information?

Anybody can make a FOI request to NHS Nottingham and Nottinghamshire ICB.

What can I request?

You can seek any recorded information that you think Nottingham and Nottinghamshire ICB may hold.

If the information is environmental, we will respond according to the Environmental Information Regulations (EIR)  2004. You do not have to know whether the information you want is covered by the EIR or the FOI Act. When you make a request, we will decide which law applies.

If the information relates to personal data, a Subject Access Request should be made under the Data Protection Act  (DPA) 2018, and not under the FOI Act, further information can be found here.

Making a request

Your request must be in writing and can be either posted or emailed.

Email to:

Letter to:
FOI Team
Nottingham and Nottinghamshire ICB
Sir John Robinson House
Sir John Robinson Way

What happens when my request is received?

Your request will be acknowledged and we will source the information you have requested from the relevant team. Within 20 working days we will contact you to;

  • Request clarification that will help us to answer your request;
  • Provide a response to your FoI request;
  • Inform you we don’t hold the information and, if we can, advise you who does;
  • Inform you that your request will exceed the cost limit specified in the ICO Fees Regulations and invite to submit a further, narrower request;
  • Advise that we hold the information but are not releasing it, citing the relevant exemption from the FoI Act 2000;
  • Advise that we are refusing your request on the basis that it repeated or vexatious;
  • Tell you that we need more time to coordinate a response or to consider the public interest test in relation to your request. We will then specify a new deadline date, this should not be later than 40 days after receipt of your request.

What happens if I am unhappy with the response I receive or the way that my request was handled?

You can email the FoI Team and ask for clarification in relation to the response that you have received.

If you are unhappy with the way in which your request has been handled you can request an internal view by contacting Lucy Branson, Corporate Director:

Nottingham and Nottinghamshire ICB
Sir John Robinson House
Sir John Robinson Way

If you remain dissatisfied with the outcome of the internal review, you can apply to the Information Commissioner’s Office, who will consider whether the organisation has complied with its obligations under the Act, and can require the organisation to remedy any problems.

You can find out more about how to do this, and about the Act in general, on the Information Commissioner’s Office website at:

Complaints to the Information Commissioner’s Office should be sent to:
FOI/EIR Complaints Resolution
Information Commissioner’s Office
Wycliffe House
Water Lane

Disclosure log:

Reference IDRequestCategoryMonthYearActiondisclosure_categories_hfilterdisclosure_month_hfilterdisclosure_year_hfilter
NN-ICB/22/76Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) services for young people (16-25) and adultsMental Health and Community Commissioning11 – November202211856mental-health-and-community-commissioningnovember2022
NN-ICB/22/77Mobile Data UsagePerformance and Information10 – October202211857performance-and-informationoctober2022
NN-ICB/22/73Service Provider InformationAcute Contracting10 – October202211853acute-contractingoctober2022
NN-ICB/22/71Personal Health BudgetsContinuing Health Care10 – October202211851continuing-health-careoctober2022
NN-ICB/22/67Ophthalmology Providers and Activity Quality Assurance10 – October202211845quality-assuranceoctober2022
NN-ICB/22/65Digital tools for Long Term ConditionsPrimary Care10 – October202211843primary-careoctober2022
NN-ICB/22/69ICB Digital Data and Technology WorkforceHuman Resources10 – October202211849human-resourcesoctober2022
NN-ICB/22/66Medicines Management - Formulary Medicines Optimisation10 – October202211844medicines-optimisationoctober2022
NN-ICB/22/62PoliciesCorporate Affairs10 – October202211840corporate-affairsoctober2022
NN-ICB/22/60ICS Strategy and PlansPerformance and Information10 – October202211838performance-and-informationoctober2022
NN-ICB/22/70Ophthalmology Procedure GroupsJoint Commissioning and Planned Care10 – October202211850joint-commissioning-and-planned-careoctober2022
NN-ICB/22/72Rebate schemesMedicines Optimisation09 – September202211852medicines-optimisationseptember2022
NN-ICB/22/75LD&A Transforming CareAcute Contracting09 – September202211855acute-contractingseptember2022
NN-ICB/22/74Out of Area PatientsAcute Contracting09 – September202211854acute-contractingseptember2022
NN-ICB/22/68Continuing HealthcareContinuing Health Care09 – September202211848continuing-health-careseptember2022
NN-ICB/22/63Self-monitoring Blood GlucoseMedicines Optimisation09 – September202211841medicines-optimisationseptember2022
NN-ICB/22/47Paediatric Neuropsychiatric Disorders Mental Health and Community Commissioning09 – September202211800mental-health-and-community-commissioningseptember2022
NN-ICB/22/51Termination of Pregnancy ServicesJoint Commissioning and Planned Care09 – September202211803joint-commissioning-and-planned-careseptember2022
NN-ICB/22/61Hip Pathology Out of RegionJoint Commissioning and Planned Care09 – September202211839joint-commissioning-and-planned-careseptember2022
NN-ICB/22/55Costs to Transport a Dialysis PatientUrgent Care09 – September202211807urgent-careseptember2022
NN-ICB/22/56Clinical Waste / Sharps Container ProviderPrimary Care09 – September202211809primary-careseptember2022
NN-ICB/22/53PCN DetailsPrimary Care Network Development09 – September202211805primary-care-network-developmentseptember2022
NN-ICB/22/64117 Aftercare Funding Arrangements within ICBsJoint Commissioning and Planned Care09 – September202211842joint-commissioning-and-planned-careseptember2022
NN-ICB/22/49Patient TransportJoint Commissioning and Planned Care09 – September202211801joint-commissioning-and-planned-careseptember2022
NN-ICB/22/52Independent Provider ContractsIndependent Provider Contracts09 – September202211804independent-provider-contractsseptember2022
NN-ICB/22/58Capital Cost of CDC Set UpMental Health and Community Commissioning09 – September202211837mental-health-and-community-commissioningseptember2022
NN-ICB/22/21Community referrals for PapilloedemaMental Health and Community Commissioning09 – September202210773mental-health-and-community-commissioningseptember2022
NN-ICB/22/50LD Contact DetailsHuman Resources09 – September202211802human-resourcesseptember2022
NN-ICB/22/35Diversity PromotionHuman Resources09 – September202211786human-resourcesseptember2022
NN-ICB/22/34Organisational Structure ChartHuman Resources09 – September202211785human-resourcesseptember2022
NN-ICB/22/32GP FederationsPrimary Care09 – September202211783primary-careseptember2022
NN-ICB/22/31Funds received for NHSE (2017 to present)Finance09 – September202211782financeseptember2022
NN-ICB/22/37Data Protection Officer Service for GP PracticesInformation Governance09 – September202211788information-governanceseptember2022
NN-ICB/22/30Finance Contact DetailsHuman Resources09 – September202211781human-resourcesseptember2022
NN-ICB/22/28Pharmacy AcquisitionPrimary Care09 – September202211779primary-careseptember2022
NN-ICB/22/27Tier 3 Weight ManagementMental Health and Community Commissioning09 – September202211778mental-health-and-community-commissioningseptember2022
NN-ICB/22/57Health ProcurementPrimary Care08 – August202211810primary-careaugust2022
NN-ICB/22/54Operating TheatresUrgent Care08 – August202211806urgent-careaugust2022
NN-ICB/22/39Primary Care Medicines FormularyMedicines Optimisation08 – August202211790medicines-optimisationaugust2022
NN-ICB/22/38Wound CareNursing and Outcome08 – August202211789nursing-and-outcomeaugust2022
NN-ICB/22/42Prescribing FormularyMedicines Optimisation08 – August202211794medicines-optimisationaugust2022
NN-ICB/22/25Individual Funding RequestsIndividual Funding Requests08 – August202211776ifraugust2022
NN-ICB/22/23NICE guideline NG213 relating to Disabled Children and young people with severe complex needs. Quality Assurance08 – August202210775quality-assuranceaugust2022
NN-ICB/22/22Digital TransformationPerformance and Information08 – August202210774performance-and-informationaugust2022
NN-ICB/22/43GP Direct Access Pathology ServicePrimary Care08 – August202211795primary-careaugust2022
NN-ICB/22/41Palliative and End of Life Care Self-AssessmentJoint Commissioning and Planned Care08 – August202211793joint-commissioning-and-planned-careaugust2022
NN-ICB/22/20Variation in Axial Spondyloarthritis ServicesMental Health and Community Commissioning08 – August202210772mental-health-and-community-commissioningaugust2022
NN-ICB/22/44Personal Care PolicyContinuing Health Care08 – August202211796continuing-health-careaugust2022
NN-ICB/22/18Contracts with non-NHS providersAcute Contracting08 – August202210770acute-contractingaugust2022
NN-ICB/22/45Medicines Optimisation Contact DetailsMedicines Optimisation08 – August202211798medicines-optimisationaugust2022
NN-ICB/22/16Shared Care RecordsPerformance and Information08 – August202210768performance-and-informationaugust2022
NN-ICB/22/06Contracts RegisterProcurement and Commercial Development08 – August202210758procurement-and-commercial-developmentaugust2022
NN-ICB/22/36Diabetes SystemsPrimary Care08 – August202211787primary-careaugust2022
NN-ICB/22/19Job Evaluation SystemsHuman Resources08 – August202210771human-resourcesaugust2022
NN-ICB/22/17Technology Enabled Virtual WardsPerformance and Information08 – August202210769performance-and-informationaugust2022
NN-ICB/22/15Clinical SystemsPerformance and Information08 – August202210767performance-and-informationaugust2022
NN-ICB/22/13Wheelchair ServicesMental Health and Community Commissioning08 – August202210765mental-health-and-community-commissioningaugust2022
NN-ICB/22/33Payments to companiesFinance08 – August202211784financeaugust2022
NN-ICB/22/29Finance StructureHuman Resources08 – August202211780human-resourcesaugust2022
NN-ICB/22/26Bassetlaw Spend (May 2022)Finance08 – August202211777financeaugust2022
NN-ICB/22/12ICT Internal plans and Strategy DocumentsPerformance and Information08 – August202210764performance-and-informationaugust2022
NN-ICB/22/11Finance Structure ChartHuman Resources08 – August202210763human-resourcesaugust2022
NN-ICB/22/10Children and Young People's Mental Health Services WaitMental Health and Community Commissioning08 – August202210762mental-health-and-community-commissioningaugust2022
NN-ICB/22/46Safeguarding Contact DetailsSafeguarding08 – August202211799safeguardingaugust2022
NN-ICB/22/40Robotic Process AutomationFinance08 – August202211791financeaugust2022
NN-ICB/22/08Bed RatesMental Health and Community Commissioning08 – August202210760mental-health-and-community-commissioningaugust2022
NN-ICB/22/04GP Practice CapacityPrimary Care08 – August202210756primary-careaugust2022
NN-ICB/22/24Body Dysmorphic DisorderMental Health and Community Commissioning08 – August202211775mental-health-and-community-commissioningaugust2022
NN-ICB/22/03Shared Care RecordsPerformance and Information08 – August202210719performance-and-informationaugust2022
NN-ICB/22/05Children's ADHD ServicesMental Health and Community Commissioning08 – August202210757mental-health-and-community-commissioningaugust2022
NN-ICB/22/14Care HomesContinuing Health Care07 – July202210766continuing-health-carejuly2022
NN-ICB/22/07RecruitmentHuman Resources07 – July202210759human-resourcesjuly2022
NN-ICB/22/09Primary Care ResponsibilityPrimary Care07 – July202210761primary-carejuly2022