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Citizens’ Panel

Do you live in Nottingham City, Mansfield, Ashfield or Newark and Sherwood and are aged 16 and over?  If so, would you like to join our Citizens’ Panel?

Our Citizens’ Panel is aimed at engaging members of the public in the future of local health and care services, and is an important opportunity for you to have your say on a wide range of health and care topics. We are initially recruiting from the Nottingham City and Mid Nottinghamshire areas.

The Panel will primarily be online, and will consist of a number of surveys, polls and questionnaires throughout the year.

More information is available below in our frequently asked questions, or you can find out more by emailing us on: nnicb-nn.citizenspanel@nhs.net

Have your say. Join the Nottingham and Nottinghamshire Citizens’ Panel.

We use lots of different ways to engage our communities. Our Citizens’ Panel is just one way for you to have your say on a wide range of health and care topics, helping NHS Nottingham and Nottinghamshire plan for future services.

We are asking for you to get involved and tell us about their experiences.

Nottingham and Nottinghamshire Citizens’ Panel FAQs

What is the Nottingham and Nottinghamshire Citizens’ Panel?

What will the panel be used for?

How do I become a member of the Panel?

What is involved if I join the Citizens’ Panel?

How often will I be contacted as a panel member?

What will happen with my survey responses and answers?

What are the benefits for me?

Will my personal information and responses to surveys be kept confidential?

How do you choose which people can join the panel?

Who can join the panel?

What if I do not want to be on the Panel anymore?

Is the Panel the only way NHS Nottingham and Nottinghamshire listens to the views of people?

Why is the Panel only in Nottingham and Mid Nottinghamshire and not the rest of Nottinghamshire?

Where can I get more information?