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Frequently Asked Questions

Autumn Booster Vaccine FAQs

Who can get the COVID-19 autumn booster?

Why do I need an autumn booster?

Where will I receive my vaccine?

Do I need to show evidence that I have a weakened immune system?

People I live with would like to get a further dose. Are they eligible?

Which autumn booster vaccination will I be given?

What will I be offered if I’m allergic to COVID-19 mRNA bivalent vaccines?

Is it safe to get so many doses of the COVID-19 vaccine?

I was previously advised to get an Astra Zeneca vaccine. Where can I get this?

Do I need to receive the same type of vaccine or booster as my previous ones?

How do I get an autumn booster if I’m unable to leave my home?

I’ve had COVID-19. Do I need to wait before having my autumn booster?

Can I have my flu vaccine and COVID-19 booster in the same appointment?

I’m behind on my vaccines. What should I do?

Can I get the flu and COVID-19 vaccine whilst I’m pregnant?

General Covid-19 Vaccine FAQs

What type of vaccine for COVID-19 is currently available?

Is the NHS confident the vaccine is safe?

Can you choose which vaccine you have?

How long does the vaccine take to become effective?

Why is it important to get your Covid-19 vaccination?

Is the vaccine vegan/vegetarian friendly/ suitable for Muslim and Jewish people?

How effective are the vaccines?

How does the vaccine work?

Should people who have had Covid-19 get vaccinated?

Do I need to leave a space between having the flu vaccine and having the Covid vaccination?

Can children have the vaccine?

I am worried as I don’t like needles and there are side effects. 

Who cannot receive the vaccine?

Do I have to have my second dose and booster dose of the Covid-19 vaccination?

What is the difference between a booster vaccination and the 3rd dose? 

How can I prove my vaccination status?

My vaccination details are incorrect or not complete, what can I do?

Where can I see local and national statistics on vaccine uptake and the current COVID-19 infection rates?

When will I receive my second dose?

Who is funding the entire vaccination programme and who is liable for compensation if any long term side effects are experienced?

I have heard there is a new variant- will this vaccine help protect me? 

Do I need to wait for an invite before I book my appointment?

I haven’t been called for a vaccine yet – have I missed my chance for an appointment?

Who should I contact if my question has not been answered?

How to get your vaccine:

Where can I get a vaccine in Nottingham and Nottinghamshire?

What happens at your appointment?

What if I have Covid-19 symptoms?

What happens after I have had the vaccine?

How will those who cannot leave home be vaccinated?

Do I need my NHS number to have a vaccine?

Can I bring my children or family member to my vaccination appointment?

How can I offer support with the vaccination programme?

What is the COVID-19 vaccination toolkit?

How can I complain if I am unhappy with the service?

Why are there no appointments showing as available?

Can I book for a family member or friend?

I missed my appointment

I had side effects after my first vaccine and now I don’t want the second dose 

Information about booster vaccinations

Why is the COVID-19 booster programme needed?

Who is eligible for the COVID-19 booster vaccine?

Is there anyone that shouldn’t have the booster vaccine?

What type of vaccine will the COVID-19 booster be? What if it’s different to the one I have had?

Will there be any side effects from the booster vaccine?

Can you still catch COVID-19 after having the vaccine?

Can I get the flu and COVID-19 booster vaccine at the same time?

I haven’t yet had the COVID-19 vaccination, can I still get my first jabs? 

Can I get the booster if I am pregnant? 

Third dose of vaccine for patients who are immunocompromised

Who is currently eligible for a third primary dose of the vaccine?

What vaccine will be given?

How will patients be contacted about the third primary dose?

What should a patient do if they are not contacted but think they are eligible?

Where can a patient book and have their vaccine?

Will patients be eligible for a booster dose following the third primary dose, if so, when?

Vaccination and clinically vulnerable people

Who is classed as clinically vulnerable?

How do I book an appointment?

Is Clinically Vulnerable different to Clinically Extremely Vulnerable?

I am aged 16 or 17 – what vaccine can I have?

Will I need to attend my appointment with a letter?

Who can I talk to as I believe I have been forgotten?

Can I book for a family member or friend?

I live in a long term residential facility – how do I get my jab?

Who can I talk to if I have any questions or concerns?

Patient information and leaflets

Vaccination information – translated

Wash your hands

Braille versions of this information are available on request through contacting the Engagement Team at: or calling or texting 07385 360071.

British Sign Language (BSL)

Covid 19 vaccination and staying safe …. in under 5 minutes… its easy

A short film to support people with a learning disability and autistic people to get the Covid-19 vaccination, busting the myths, showing how easy it is to get your vaccination and top tips for staying safe.