What is the ‘About Me’?

The ‘About Me’ is all about you. It tells healthcare professionals what matters to you. It helps us to get to know you and understand what is important to you, because you are the expert of you and are more than a health condition! You can take it with you to appointments in health and care services.

How the ‘About Me’ can help you

Completing and sharing an ‘About Me’ with your Healthcare Professionals will lead to positive change for you. It helps us to support you better by:

  • Putting you at the centre of your care.
  • Getting to know you as a person, not a health condition.
  • Understanding your strengths, experience and relationships.
  • Getting to know you so we can build a trusting relationship.
  • Understanding how you want to be supported and you want to be involved in your care.
  • Providing a record of you that can move with you from service to service.

Complete your ‘About Me’

Have a go at completing an ‘About Me’ and share it with your healthcare professionals. You can print it and take it to your health and care appointments, or you have it on your phone or device.

The About Me form

The Easy read About Me form

Guidance on how to complete the ‘About Me’

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