Date of response: 21 January 2021

Outcome: Information disclosed

Category: Planning and Workforce _Old CCG (Archive)


Workforce Development and Training Education in NHS Organisations

ICB Response

Nottingham And Nottinghamshire 3179 V1

pdf (571K)

Appraisal Form For 2020 To 2021 Version 2.0

pdf (1779K)

CCG Competency Framework Version 7.1

pdf (1050K)

CCG MMD Programme Version 2

pdf (306K)

CCG Webinar Calendar 2020 To 2021 Version 6

xlsx (15K)

ESR Learning Courses

pdf (223K)

J13445 OD Strategy Version 14 Combined

pdf (6368K)

LED ... What Is Available Version 4.0

pdf (961K)

NM Development Offers

pdf (265K)

OD Timeline Version 13b 221020

xls (78K)

Quality And Business Improvement Offers

pdf (221K)

Section 1 Objective Standard Setting Form Also Used For 121s Ver..

pdf (282K)

Team Offer Version 4

pdf (228K)