Patient records

We are using your data in smart ways to help improve the wellness of the people in our community. This will connect data from:

  • GP practices
  • Social care
  • Hospitals
  • Community care
  • Out of hours care.

By joining up the data dots between different organisations we can see the bigger picture that helps us to improve local health, prevent illnesses and ensure public money is better spent.

Keeping your data safe

Any information we hold is protected by the highest levels of security. To help improve the health of people in our area we analyse information from health and care records and share data with other public sector organisations. However, this will never include your name or anything that could identify you. All these organisations are required to follow strict data protection law.

The application to use your data was reviewed by the Confidentiality Advisory Group (CAG). They are an independent group of lay people and professionals which provide expert advice on the use of confidential patient information without consent. CAG recommended that our application should be supported, and the Secretary of State for Health approved this.

It is important to us that you have control over the use of data about you and how your data is stored and managed.

Opting out

If you’d like to opt out of your confidential patient information being used nationally, please contact the National NHS Digital opt-out programme on 0300 303 5678, (Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm, excluding bank holidays).

For further information or if you would like to opt out of your information being shared for this purpose, please contact