Date of response: 8 November 2021

Outcome: Information disclosed

Category: Medicines Optimisation _Old CCG (Archive)


Information Relating to Liothyronine, Armour Thyroid and Erfa

ICB Response

Nottingham And Nottinghamshire 3384 V1

pdf (113K)

1. Letter For To Provider Nottingham Woodthorpe Hospital

pdf (24K)

2. Letter To GPs

pdf (102K)

3. Template Email To GP Practices

pdf (180K)

4. Prescribing Hints And Tips Bulletin

pdf (164K)

5. Copy Of NHSE_liothyronine_audit_Dec18 V2

xlsx (15K)

6. Data Protection Impact Assessment

pdf (512K)

7. Information Rights Procedure Final V1.0

pdf (425K)

8. Data Processing Contract Final Version March 2020

pdf (629K)