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Details of what services the CCG buys, how the CCG procures services and details of our providers can be found in this section.

Procurement Policy

Nottingham and Nottinghamshire ICB has a responsibility to ensure that it has a
consistent, transparent and effective approach to the procurement, commissioning and
contract management of goods, services and works.

The Procurement Policy outlines key principles and considerations that will inform
decision-making. The policy takes into account current competition and procurement rules and will be updated in line with any changes to UK/EU legislation and NHS Policy.

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Award of Contracts

Appointment of the ICB’s External Audit Service

On 1 July 2022 the ICB’s Board approved the appointment of KPMG to deliver the ICB’s external audit service for a period of three years (from 1 July 2022), with the option to extend the contract for a further two years. This was agreed following a recommendation by the ICB’s Auditor Panel to approve this proposal as engaging KPMG (who had previously provided external audit services to the ICB’s legacy CCGs) would ensure continuity of service, the cost was considered to be competitive and procurement advice had confirmed that a direct award was permissible under the relevant procurement framework.

Contracts Register

All contracts from the legacy organisations of NHS Nottingham and Nottingham CCG and NHS Bassetlaw CCG were transferred to NHS Nottingham and Nottinghamshire ICB on 1 July 2022. An extensive programme of work is currently underway to review the ICB’s contracts register to ensure it is accurate and reflective of the newly established statutory body.

The ICB’s contract register, as it stands on the 18 August 2022 can be viewed here.  However, please note that work in relation to the register is ongoing.

You can search for all of Nottingham and Nottinghamshire ICB contracts that are currently out for tender on the Contracts Finder website

You can find out standard terms and conditions for the supply of services on the NHS England and NHS Improvement website 

Register of Procurement Decisions

The ICB maintains a register of procurement decisions taken, either for the procurement of a new service or any extension or material variation of a current contract.  The register will be uploaded in Quarter 4.

Proposed Provider Selection Regime for Healthcare Services

The proposed Provider Selection Regime will be a new set of rules for arranging healthcare services, which is intended to give decision makers a flexible, proportionate decision-making process for selecting providers to deliver healthcare services to the public.

Due to timing constraints, the Provider Selection Regime will not be established at the same time as integrated care boards (ICBs), which will be in place from 1 July 2022. The Department of Health and Social Care is continuing to work to ensure that the Provider Selection Regime is established as soon as possible after the establishment of ICBs, subject to Parliamentary approvals and scheduling.

The Provider Selection Regime would replace the existing procurement rules for healthcare services. The aim of the Provider Selection Regime is to make it easier to integrate services and enhance collaboration, and to remove the rigidity associated with the current procurement rules, and the related bureaucracy and cost. However, under the Provider Selection Regime, the competitive tendering of health services can continue to have a role where this is in the best interests of patients, taxpayers, and the population.

The Provider Selection Regime will seek to ensure that decisions about who provides healthcare services are:

  • made in the best interest of patients, taxpayers, and the population
  • robust and defensible, with conflicts of interests appropriately managed
  • made transparently

The Provider Selection Regime is intended to fit with the integrated, collaborative approach to healthcare commissioning being established in the Health and Care Bill by providing a decision-making process that makes space for collaboration to happen and that ensures all decisions about how healthcare is arranged are made in the best interests of patients, taxpayers, and the population.

The Provider Selection Regime is intended to give decision-makers flexibility on how to select providers of healthcare services. The regime is intended to make it straightforward for systems to continue with existing service provision where the arrangements are working well and there is no value for the patients, taxpayers, and population in seeking an alternative provider. And, where there is a need to consider making changes to service provision, it will provide a sensible, transparent, and proportionate process for decision-making that includes the option of competitive tendering as a tool decision-makers can use.