Date of response: 8 July 2020

Outcome: Information disclosed

Category: Mental Health and Community Commissioning _Old CCG (Archive)


Request in respect of S117 (Mental Health Act) Aftercare and the process for agreeing funding of associated costs between your CCG and the relevant individual patient’s Local Authority. CCGs and Local Authority’s have an obligation to meet the aftercare costs of individuals who have previously been detained under specific sections of the Mental Health Act. The purpose of this act is to establish in general terms how your CCG discharges that obligation and how it working with the relevant local Authority funds the costs of associated aftercare. I am aware that there may be some or all aspects of the request where the information is not available to you and is instead held by a Commissioning Support Unit or the Local Authority. If that is the case, I would be grateful if you could please notify me as to where that information may be held.

ICB Response

Nottingham And Nottinghamshire 3013 V1

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S117 Local Protocol 13.5.19 FINAL

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